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With us, you can enjoy Premium Experiences for a whole year or just during your favorite event. Perfect for building business relationships or add a touch of luxury to a special evening. Always from the best seats, and with top-notch food and drinks. 

The Celebrant! Hooray for Tele2 Arena – 10 years 🎈🥳

To meet the citys need for a modern multi-arena the decision to build Tele2 Arena was finalized in 2009. The following year, the first groundbreaking took place, marking the official start of construction – and the rest is history. A 10-year long history filled with fantastic moments and events.

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Tele2 Arena is run by Stockholm Live

We run the largest arenas in Northern Europe containing Avicii Arena, Tele2 Arena, Strawberry Arena, Södra Teatern, Hovet, Annexet plus world-renowned tourist attraction SkyView. Every year, more than 3,5 million people visit the events we host in our arenas. This makes us the absolute largest arena operator in Nothern Europe.

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